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Amino sulfonic acid preparation methods of nickel
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Sulfamate nickel electroplating is an excellent principal salt, due to low internal stress, speed plating, solubility, no pollution, International is developing fast in recent years and become a plating salts. Has been widely used in the electronic, automotive, aerospace, weapons and coinage, metallurgy, screen, radio, color aluminum industry.

Method one: synthesis of amino-sulfonic acid reacts with hydroxide nickel sulfamate nickel, thickening, crystallization, centrifugation, sulfamate nickel products, 2H2NSO3H+Ni (OH) 2 → Ni (NH2SO3) 2+2H20.

Method two: 150 kg amino acid into the reactor, add hot water dissolved stir, then add 100 kg nickel carbonate, mixed reactions in a return State for several hours, until the end of no CO2 release response. The reaction mixture into thin film evaporator during condensing and cooling crystallization, filtration, centrifugal dewatering, drying finished products.