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Ammonium Calcium Nitrate (Ca: 19%min; N15.5%min)
- Jun 04, 2017 -

Model NO.: Ammonium Calcium Nitrate / CAN

Release Type: Quick

Chemical Character: Chemical Neutral

Type: Compost

Nitrogen: 15.5%Min

CAS No.: 15245-12-2

Trademark: Ammonium Calcium Nitrate / CAN

Specification: Agr Grade

HS Code: 32016000

Classification: Nitrogen Fertilizer

Infection on Soil: Physiological Neutral

Appearance: Granular

Apperance: White Crystal

Calcium: 19%Min

Molecular Formula: Ca . Xh3n . Xhno3

Transport Package: 25kg/Bag / 1000kgs/Jumbo Bag

Origin: China