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Chinese fertilizer Standard to go aboard
- Jan 19, 2017 -

On November 15th -18th, by the Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry, sponsored by the Jin Zhengda group hosted the international organization for standardization of fertilizer and soil conditioner Standardization Technical Committee (ISO TC134) twelfth annual meeting of the working group meeting held in Shandong, Linyi, Iran, China from the United States, France, Switzerland, Britain, Canada, Israel, Tanzania, Kenya more than 30 countries such as the government, research institutions, industry organizations, enterprises on behalf of the participants. Meeting for a period of 4 days, will be part of the draft international standards to vote to discuss the new standards, such as proposals. Meeting by the Shanghai Institute of chemical industry, deputy chief engineer, testing center director, TC134 WG1 ISO called Liu Gang chaired.

    The annual meeting held in Linyi is selected Chinese, want to show China achievements in the new field of fertilizer from the side to the world, the domestic and foreign experts China timely understanding of the latest technology, industry standards, the construction and development of the situation, so as to promote the international fertilizer industry technology innovation and international exchange.

    In the recent 10 years, great achievements made in the China slow-release fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, fertilizer and other new nitro fertilizer field, in the analysis of important fertilizer products and fertilizer products Determination of field standard release, Chinese has been among the world's advanced level, so that our country to adapt to the standard from a change a standard power, standard leader turned gorgeous. AsMagnesium Sulfate's Chinese manufacturer Shandong Jiangyuan Refinement Co Ltd is equipped with first-class production equipment and testing equipment, strong technical force and talent management, ensure the quality of products, sold around the world, widely used in fertilizer, environmental protection industry.

    At present, China's fertilizer entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading, more urgent need to promote international cooperation in production and technology of manufacturing products, more urgent need to go to Chinese China standard, technology, products and services to go out.


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