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Diethyl Malonate
- May 19, 2017 -

NO: GB/T 14152-93(I 1431); CAS 105-33-3; FEMA 2375; JECFA 614;
Molecular formula: C7H12O4;
Molecular weight: 160.17;
Specification: Senior ≥ 99%
Application: Be used for the synthesis of barbiturate drugs and phenylbutazone in the pharmaceutical industry, also used for dye and intermediates of fragrance.
Packing: Iron drum or plastic drum, 200kg/drum.
Character: Colorless and transparent liquid. Soluble in oil, alcohol, propylene glycol, diethyl ether, benzene, but no soluble in mineral oil, glycerol and water.
Melting point: -50;
Boiling point: 200;
Flashing point: 93.3;
Content: ≥ 99.0%; Relative density(25/25): 1.053-1.056;
Acid value: ≤ 1.0; Refractive index(20): 1.413~1.41

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