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Nickel alloy, nickel 201/UNS N02201/W.Nr.2.4061 for bar pipe, wire plate, flange strip
- Jan 16, 2017 -

Product Details

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Grade:Nickel 200

Similar Grades:
UNS N02201
W.Nr. 2.4061

        ASTM B161,ASTM B163,DIN177512002,ASTM B165,ASTM B619,ASTM B622
        ASTM B626,ASTM B167,ASTM B516, ASTM B444,ASTM B464,ASTM B468,
 Product specification scope:
Forging, bar, sheet, strip, wire ring, flange, etc. can be produced according to customer requirements.

Features and Application fields:
Food processing equipment, salt refining equipment.
Mining and ocean mining.
In the condition of high temperature above 300℃ under the manufacturing equipment needed for industrial sodium hydroxide.
Organic or inorganic chlorides and fluorides production: resistance to chlorine and fluorine gas corrosion
nuclear reactor.
In the heat treatment furnace retort, especially in the carbonization and nitriding atmosphere.
Catalytic regenerator in petroleum and chemical production in the application of more than 700℃ recommend using alloy 600 in order to obtain a longer service life.

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