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Using of Magnesium Sulfate
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Using of Magnesium Sulfate
We know that Magnesium Sulfate is a compound of many uses. Many industries need Magnesium Sulfate. In fact, Magnesium Sulfate is a salt of the mineral form, exists in a wide range of geological environment. The common form of ore in the earth's surface, the white solid material found in it. In addition, ocean and spring water also contains the mineral. As technology advances, Magnesium Sulfate can also be extracted from the sea. This compound is formed by magnesium and sulfuric acid, molecular formula is MgSO 4. In business, it through the heating dissolved in dilute sulfuric acid magnesium carbonate obtained seven water seven Magnesium Sulfate Magnesium Sulfate, commonly known as Epsom salt water. Magnesium Sulfate origin to the Shandong Peninsula as the main origin. Shandong Peninsula and Laizhou are.
Magnesium Sulfate's physical properties
Physical state: Magnesium Sulfate is a colorless, tasteless material structure.
Taste slightly bitter.
Solubility: highly soluble in organic solvents, such as water. At room temperature, a liter of water can dissolve about 700 grams of magnesium. It is especially easy to dissolve in organic solvents such as glycerin and alcohol.
Moisture absorption: the anhydrous form of Magnesium Sulfate has a moisture absorption, it also absorbs moisture from the air trend. Because of this characteristic, it is commonly used in the organic synthesis of desiccant.
Sound absorption: magnesium carbonate has the function of converting sound into heat energy. In sea water, magnesium is mainly responsible for the absorption of sound, it mainly affects the high frequency sound.
Magnesium Sulfate chemical properties
In addition to the seven water mixture, magnesium can be found in a variety of different types of hydrate.
PH value range: Magnesium Sulfate solution is not acidic, its pH value is about 6.
Heating: when heated to 250oC, the seven water mixture loses water to form an anhydrous salt. Further heating will break down into Magnesium Oxide.
Reaction in the water: when dissolved in water, magnesium carbonate will be decomposed into magnesium ions and sulfuric acid.
Magnesium Sulfate medical
Magnesium carbonate has therapeutic effect. Because of its laxative properties, so often used as a laxative. Use on burns can speed up the healing rate. In the flotation therapy, Magnesium Sulfate was used as a
Because of its versatility, so each industry has a huge demand for magnesium sulfate. Some of the main uses include as a food protein coagulant, leather tanning agent in leather industry, fire retardant, dyeing and finishing agent, salt agent, plastic stabilizer, etc..


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