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Waster Water Treatment The Use Of Water Quality Requirements Of Its Purification Process
- Jan 12, 2019 -

Wastewater treatment refers to the process of purifying the wastewater to achieve the purpose of draining a water or reusing water quality. With the increasing demand for water resources, there are water conditions in many places. So for the people to bring the gospel. So what is the benefit of wastewater treatment?

1, to improve the quality of water quality, waste water after treatment, the water quality from the original pollution through a time of filtration and elimination, so that a significant decline in water pollution, so that water can be used again.

2, the rational use of water resources, so that the upstream water cycle does not affect the downstream waters of the water function, the social cycle does not harm the objective laws of natural circulation, so as to maintain or restore the city and the river basin is a good water environment, water resources is sustainable The use of effective ways.

3, to improve the ecological environment, enhance the city grade and promote economic development. Because if the sewage is not treated, it is bound to be discharged into the river, which will not only pollute the environment, but also on people's living water quality adverse effects.

4, to promote water circulation system. The natural circulation of water is a non-equilibrium open system with self-organizing structure. The social cycle of water is a balanced system with artificial structure.

5, the protection of construction, industry and other facilities. As we all know, the water on the metal equipment and pipes will have serious corrosion, oil field oil due to high salinity, dissolved in varying degrees of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and other acidic gases dissolved oxygen, such and re-injection formation will deal with facilities , The re-injection system produces corrosion.