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Application Of Copper Sulphate In Aquaculture
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Copper Sulphate in aquaculture applications: 1, the prevention and treatment of fish and sulfuric acid can be used to prevent protozoa caused by fish disease (such as: egg whipworm, cryptosporidiosis, fishworm disease, caterpillars, Insect disease, wheelworm disease, etc.) and crustacean-induced fish diseases (such as Chinese flea disease). Quanchiposa concentration of drugs generally spring and autumn 0.7-0.8ppm (Copper Sulphate and ferrous sulfate ratio of 5: 2 or 6: 2, Copper Sulphate alone in the 1ppm below); summer should be reduced to 0.5 ~ 0.6ppm. Medication time as far as possible to choose sunny at noon, the whole pool evenly spilled, after the medication to do a good job to rescue fish floating head of the preparatory work. Copper Sulphate and potassium permanganate (5: 2) in combination, at 10 degrees below the water temperature of 0.5ppm treatment of oblique tube disease. Copper Sulphate and citric acid (3: 2) in combination, the water into 0.15ppm to treat small melon bug disease. Copper Sulphate 0.7ppm can cure overwintering broth of ciliate disease. Copper Sulphate 0.7ppm and 0.4ppm of the net use of grass, first with Copper Sulphate, after the net and wet soil (1: 100) mix well after splashing can kill the moss. Copper Sulphate 0.7ppm every other day and then once again to kill rotifers and vertebral snail; interval of 12 hours and then once to kill the snail, snail and shrimp pond red tide creatures (naked algae, trilobacterium, etc.).

1 ppm of Copper Sulphate can kill rotifer in the water to prevent hypoxia caused by excessive breeding of rotifers. Copper Sulphate 0.5ppm and 1ppm rhubarb combined with the treatment of bacterial diseases, every 3-4 days and then a treatment of grass carp bleeding.

2, the fish medicine bath commonly used bath concentration of 8ppm mixture of aqueous solution (Copper Sulphate and ferrous sulfate ratio of 5: 2) or Copper Sulphate 8 ppm plus bleach powder 10 ppm mixture of aqueous solution bath for 10-30 minutes. These two formulations can kill the body surface and gills on the bacteria, protozoa; on the formation of cystic cells is also effective.

3, tools, food market disinfection fish with 20ppm, Copper Sulphate solution soak for half an hour, can kill the protozoa. Food disinfection can be carried out regularly during the fish season. Each time with 100 grams of Copper Sulphate, ferrous sulfate 40 grams. Dissolved in the water spilled around the food market, the area control in the 80-100 square meters, the first drug after feeding the fish, once a day, once every 2 to 3 days. For the prevention and treatment of protozoan diseases.