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Copper Sulfate Is An Important Raw Material For The Preparation Of Other Copper Compounds
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Copper sulfate (CuSO4) is white or off-white powder, the aqueous solution is weak acid, blue. Copper sulfate is an important raw material for the preparation of other copper compounds. Is our aquaculture in the application of the most common and most familiar with one of the drugs, we often use is actually with five crystal water of copper sulfate - blue alum, gallium (CuSO₄ · 5H ₂O) content of about 96%. It is of a wide range of sources, low prices, can kill a variety of bacteria, parasites, algae and moss and other aquatic predators.

 First, the common role of copper sulfate

1, as a feed additive, copper is a body of animal body composition of a variety of metal enzymes, directly involved in the body of energy and material metabolism. Copper is also involved in the osteogenesis of animals, and mitochondrial collagen metabolism and melanin production are closely related. In addition, the amount of copper ion concentration can also activate pepsin, improve animal digestive function. Longer copper deficiency in animals causes iron absorption to block anemia. Feed copper content is too high, will cause the accumulation of copper in animal liver, may have adverse effects on human consumption.

2, as algae use: copper sulfate on the algae have a strong role in the killing, aquaculture is often used to kill malignant algae such as cyanobacteria and so on. The general algae concentration of 0.8ppm .After the death of algae, will lead to pond hypoxia, it should be noted that in the sunny morning, and to do aerobic measures, because some algae in the death will produce toxic algae, so To properly change the water or water detoxification.

3, as a pesticide use: copper ions can destroy the activity of the enzyme, and thus destroy the material metabolism of the parasite, can kill a variety of flagellates and some crustaceans, such as gill whipworm, Tube worms and other protozoa anchor fleas and so on. General copper sulfate with ferrous sulfate used, according to the ratio of 5: 2 ingredients into 0.5ppm copper sulfate with 0.2ppm ferrous sulfate Quanchiposa.

4, as a fungicide use: copper sulfate in the Cu2-ion is a heavy metal ions, heavy metal ions can make the protein loss of activity, the virus from the protein composition, it can kill bacteria and viruses. Copper sulfate is often used to match some insecticidal drugs such as trichlorfon, phoxim, pyrethroids and other insecticides, bacterial leukemia has a very good therapeutic effect.

5, the common use of copper sulfate compatibility: ① rhubarb should be mixed with copper sulfate, can increase the efficacy of copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate combined administration can increase the efficacy of which ferrous sulfate for the auxiliary drug, a convergence effect, mainly for Copper sulfate to kill parasites to remove obstacles ƒ copper sulfate and active zinc combined or increase the efficacy.