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Copper Sulphate Can Not Be Used, The Correct Calculation Of Dosage
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Copper Sulphate, also known as blue alum, stone gallbladder, as a transparent dark blue crystal or powder, soluble in water, the solution was weak acid. It is commonly used in the prevention and treatment of fish diseases, can treat fish parasitic diseases, such as in vitro parasitic flagellates, ciliates, straws, Chinese fleas and so on. As Copper Sulphate is a heavy metal salt, in its use, should note the following:

First, the ability of Copper Sulphate to kill pathogens varies with the water environment.

In general, its toxicity increases with increasing temperature, with the increase in pH, the increase in organic matter and the presence of salt and reduce. So the dose should be based on the specific circumstances of the water environment and flexible control.

Second, the safe concentration of Copper Sulphate range is small.

In general use, the concentration of 0.5ppm ~ 0.7ppm Copper Sulphate Quanchiposa or with a concentration of 8ppm Copper Sulphate bath for 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Therefore, the use of accurate measurement of the volume of water for farming, the correct calculation of dosage.

Third, excessive Copper Sulphate can cause fish kidney necrosis

But also cause hematopoietic tissue damage, liver fat increased, but also may remain in the fish gills, muscles and liver, hinder intestinal absorption, thus affecting the fish feeding and growth, it can not often use.

Fourth, Copper Sulphate is often mixed with ferrous sulfate in a 5: 2 ratio

Ferrous sulfate is mainly to eliminate the fixation of Copper Sulphate to kill parasites to remove obstacles. In particular, the Chinese flea parasitic disease, due to the fish gill silk end of the swelling white, a substantial increase in mucus. If the role of copper alone is not obvious, and must be mixed with ferrous sulfate with the job, pay attention to the use of ferrous sulfate concentration and Copper Sulphate the same.

Fifth, the dissolved Copper Sulphate water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, otherwise the liquid is easy to fail.

Six, Copper Sulphate on the small melon disease is invalid.

As a small melon insects in the fish surface is the formation of capsules, Copper Sulphate is not easy to kill, after use can cause a lot of fish died.