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Fertilizer Industry Towards A Market-oriented
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Since 1994, China has held for part of the production and circulation of domestic and imported fertilizer varieties and return are exempted or levying VAT, in ensuring supply of chemical fertilizer and play a positive role in supporting agricultural production.

But with the change of supply situations at home and abroad, the disadvantages of these policies increasingly: n and p growing excess capacity on the one hand, market oversupply in the market, and export markets remain weak, enterprises operating rate is low, the plight of most enterprises operating at a loss, the domestic fertilizer excess pressure, urgent need for relief.

The other hand, farmers ' long-term excessive use of fertilizers, soil quality and the destruction of the ecological environment, to that end, national consumption of chemical fertilizers in 2020 to achieve the goal of zero growth.

Fertilizer complex VAT, for fertilizer production enterprises, is undoubtedly a great change. Yu Meihua said that in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, fertilizers, as nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer enterprise's taxpayers can be accounted for in the cost of coal, electricity, sulfur, ammonia, phosphorus ores and other raw materials purchase VAT amounts to be paid from the cost when spun, used as input tax deduction. Have implemented "camp changed by" transportation costs, storage costs, price purchased movable property and equipment contained in the income tax, as well as real estate is about to start "doing change increase" after the establishment of the plant, you can purchase deduction, so little effect on nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer industries, the average cost increased by 40~50 Yuan per ton.

Resource type k, great influence on the sales tax, expect rising cost of factory 150~200 yuan per ton, because of China's dependence on potash imports higher, so after the VAT on imported potash than domestic potash fertilizer.