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Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Food Grade Phosphate And Potential Market
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Food grade phosphoric acid is an inexpensive sour agents, it could replace citric acid used in the production of various beverages, according to the briefing, Cola and other drinks is dilute phosphoric acid as the main, supplemented by a variety of flavorings made of food-grade phosphoric acid is in the production of food-grade phosphates based raw material, starting from the food-grade phosphoric acid, can produce a multi-family, multi-species food-grade phosphates.

Phosphate in food can adjust and improve the food structure of color, aroma, taste and sensory traits in baking and improve food production performance. Phosphorus is indispensable for the human basic nutrients, food grade phosphoric acid and phosphate for food in developed countries has been widely used as a food additive.

China in development application food level phosphate and the food level phosphate aspects started more late, but with national economic of development, and people living of gradually improve, national on development food level phosphate and food level phosphate also give has enough of attention, has developed out has food level phosphate and part food level phosphate of national standards, domestic some research units and production factory also in development development, and has made has must of results.

Food grade and food grade phosphate phosphate has been in the beverage industry, food processing industry has been applied, China is a populous country, food grade phosphoric acid and food-grade phosphates in our potential market is very big.