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Inorganic Chromium To The Development Of Organic Chromium On Swine Production
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Feeding grain in the added organic chrome can significantly improve pig of production performance, and enhanced immunity, and improved carcass quality,, chrome is animal body required trace elements one of, body distribution more wide, but concentration is low, with chrome in animal production in the of research constantly in-depth, people gradually found organic chrome of huge potential, organic chrome in improve animal production performance, and improved carcass quality, aspects are has must of effect.

Chrome main and other control metabolism of material with tie works, as hormone, and insulin, and various enzyme class, and cell of gene material (DNA and RNA),, due to chrome is animal body glucose tolerance factor (GTF) of important composition components, can regulation animal body of endocrine and material metabolism, while promote protein metabolism and growth development, also, chrome also can enhanced immune function, improve body on bad status and should stress status of resistance, enhanced anti-oxidation activity,.

Initial chromium in animal nutrition research is basically in the form of inorganic chromium added. Many kinds of inorganic chromium, chromium trioxide, potassium chromate, chromium chloride and chromium sulfate, chromium supplementation for people the convenience of these products at the same time, there are still many problems:

1) absorption rate is low, the inorganic trivalent chromium absorption rate is very low, only 1%~3%, and chromium absorption in 10%~25%;

2) almost no biological activity, needs to be translated into a biologically active chromium GTF can regulate metabolism;

3) poses a certain risk, studies have found that feeding rats of inorganic chromium, there is plenty of fat on their abdominal omental, basal cells are inorganic chromium accumulation in the kidneys;

4) function of improving animal performance is very small.