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Large Quantity Of Sodium Nitrate 99% With Competitive Price
- Mar 15, 2017 -

Sodium Nitrate,manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Large Quantity of Sodium Nitrate 99% with Competitive Price, Magnesium Chloride (hexahydrate in flakes or pellets) , Solidifying Agent for Protein, Ice-Melting Agent and Freeze Proof Agent, Fire Proof Agen, Urotropine, Hexamine, Solid Fuel Tablet, New Green Environmentnal Fuel, Military Training, Outdoor Camping and so on.

It's easily to be deliquescent and to be dissolved in water and liquid ,but only a little can be dissolved in ethanol and glycerin.

It has strong oxidizing property and can cause the inflammation and explore while mixed with organics ,sulphur and sulfite.etc.

Application:This product is an important chemical material and widely used in the industry including:glass,dye,detonator,metallurgy,machinery and vitreous enamel.etc


1.Stored in the dry and ventilation place and prevent rain and sunlight exposure. rained,heated .

2. Avoid mixing with organic compound or sulphur or reducer during storage and transportation in case of explosion

3.Handle with care against friction and bounce while handling and pile.

4.The fire caused bu sodium nitrate can be put out by using lots of water

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