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Nickel Sulphate Market Demand Conditions
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Electroplating, electroless plating nickel sulfate is mainly used in industrial and battery industries, as well as catalysts for organic synthesis and production of hardened oil paint, making salt other nickel materials, metal coloring, VAT dye mordants, etc. Electroplating and electroless plating and rechargeable batteries the largest amount.

Electroplating industry growing

Electroplating industry is an important industry, according to a rough estimation, national existing plating plant has more than 15,000, more than 500,000 workers, existing more than more than 5,000 production lines and 2.5-300 million m2 area of electroplating production, electroplating industry annual output value of over 10 billion yuan, nearly ten years, with the development of China's manufacturing industry, electroplating industry has been developing fast in China.

With the development of Chinese Electronics electrical and automotive industry in recent years, and further development of electroplating industry in China, developed countries in Europe and Asia, and gradually shift to China electroplating enterprises, electroplating enterprises in China has also been actively implementing technological innovation, improving electroplating technology, electroplating industry development will be off to expand the use of nickel sulfate.