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Nitrate Does Not Exceed The Standard Will Be Access To The Market Access Card
- Jul 21, 2017 -

At present, all kinds of vegetables not only pesticide residues in the phenomenon still exists, and the problem of excessive nitrate is also more prominent, posing a threat to people's health. Most of the human intake of nitrate from vegetables, accounting for about 80%. Nitrate can be reduced to nitrite under the action of bacteria. Nitrite can make the blood poisoning, resulting in the body of ten head hypoxia symptoms; at the same time nitrite can be taken with the human body of other food, medicine, residual pesticide secondary amine reaction in the stomach cavity to form a strong carcinogen - nitrosamines, which is the culprit of the digestive system of cancer. At present, the local market has begun to implement the system, the control of nitrate does not exceed the standard "access card" one of the important conditions. In particular, pay attention to leafy vegetables, root vegetables to take control of nitrate measures. Different types of vegetables accumulate nitrate sensitivity is different, leafy vegetables are extremely sensitive type, root vegetables are sensitive type. The cauliflower is not sensitive type, fruit and vegetable type is not sensitive type. For spinach, amaranth, spinach, cabbage, celery and other leafy vegetables, as well as carrots, radish and other root vegetables, in particular, to take control of nitrate measures. The following are the same as the "

To the application of organic fertilizer and bio-fertilizer-based. Different types of fertilization, the same kind of vegetables in the nitrate content will be quite different. To the application of biological fertilizer and high temperature composting vegetables containing nitrate at least, followed by the local compost, the application of fertilizer the highest nitrate content, especially in nitrogen fertilizer is particularly. Different types of fertilizer application also showed the same trend for 0 ~ 60 cm soil layer nitrate. Nitrate content in soil not only affects the absorption of nitrate nitrogen in vegetables, but also has a great influence on the content of nitrate nitrogen in groundwater. In order to protect the ecological environment and prevent the accumulation of vegetable decardate, should promote the application of organic fertilizer and bio-fertilizer-based, as little as possible application of chemical fertilizers, especially nitrogen fertilizer application, to achieve the effective combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium: The ratio of inorganic nitrogen to organic nitrogen should be less than 1: 1: the proportion of three elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, 1: 0.2: 0.5 for short season vegetables, and 1: 0.5: 0.6 for long season vegetables. The following are the same as the "

Choose the appropriate nitrogen fertilizer species, morphology and dosage. Do not use nitrogen fertilizer at present I am afraid can not do, but pay attention to nitrogen fertilizer varieties, different nitrogen forms, vegetables, nitrate accumulation is also different. Such as the application of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer (ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, etc.), will significantly reduce the nitrate content of vegetables. Therefore, the application of nitrogen fertilizer should be mainly urea and ammonium nitrogen, or ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen used in conjunction with control ratio of about 7: 3. Short season vegetable fertilizer application of the whole growth period recommended pure nitrogen 10 kg / 667 square meters, equivalent to 21 kg of ammonium chloride, manure 1200 kg or miscellaneous fertilizer 1500 kg: long season recommended vegetables recommended pure nitrogen 15 kg / 667 square meters, Equivalent to ammonium chloride 32 kg, manure 1700 kg or 1000 kg of soil fertilizer. The following are the same as the "

Improved fertilization methods. To base fertilizer, supplemented by top dressing, all organic fertilizer and phosphorus potassium fertilizer and 70% nitrogen fertilizer as base fertilizer application, only 30% nitrogen fertilizer for top dressing. Combined with the application of nitrogen pyridine (C? P) and dicyandiamide (DCP) and other nitrogen fertilizer inhibitors, inhibition of nitrate accumulation better. Application of micro-fertilizer to reduce the accumulation of nitrate in vegetables, have a better effect, such as the application of molybdenum fertilizer can reduce the nitrate content of 41% to 76%. Usually in the first 10 days of harvest foliage spraying. Vegetables harvest 15 to 20 days before, or fruits and vegetables harvest peak period 15 to 20 days, should stop top dressing. The following are the same as the "

Prevent field shade. The more leaching in the field, the higher the nitrate content of the plant. Therefore, the density of vegetable planting should be appropriate to prevent too thin and too dense, and can be taken to tie, fight, pruning, pruning and other methods to reduce or prevent field shade.