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Prevention Of Fish Disease With Copper Sulphate
- Oct 12, 2017 -

The following describes the prevention and treatment of fish disease using Copper Sulphate attention points for farmers reference:

Prevent failure. Dissolved Copper Sulphate water temperature is not easy higher than 60 ℃, otherwise it will break down failure

2. Copper Sulphate with ferrous sulfate in combination. Ferrous sulfate for the auxiliary drug, a convergence effect, for the killing of Copper Sulphate parasites remove obstacles, improve efficacy. In the case of

3. Measure the volume of the pool and be sure to be accurate. Because the safety of Copper Sulphate is small, the general situation, the concentration should be controlled at 0.7 × 10-6 (0.7 grams per cubic meter of water use), if the concentration is lower than 0.5 × 10-6, insecticidal effect is poor, 1 × 10-6, the fish have the risk of poisoning death. In the case of

4. The occurrence of small melon bug and egg algae disease pond can not be treated with Copper Sulphate. In the case of

5. used blessed arsenic arsenic fish pond, to wait for the disappearance of arsenic arsenic to use Copper Sulphate, so as not to fish poisoning death. In the case of

6. Increase or decrease the dosage according to the water quality. If the water quality is higher, the water temperature is low, may be appropriate to increase the dosage, on the contrary, reduce the dosage. At the same time do not in the morning fish floating head and morning high water when the application, preferably in the afternoon 4 to 6 pm use.

7. just sprinkle the pond of soybeans do not immediately use Copper Sulphate, because the protein in the milk can be combined with Copper Sulphate, leaving the Copper Sulphate failure.