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Reduce The Technology Of Copper Sulphate Sediment
- Oct 12, 2017 -

We want to produce a good quality of Copper Sulphate, high efficiency, then you need to master the effective way to reduce the knowledge of sediment, the following for you to make a detailed introduction.

The sediment is a normal sediment and the abnormal sediment two kinds, in which the normal sediment is strictly according to the Copper Sulphate specified process conditions for phosphate generated by the sediment; abnormal sediment is due to the external conditions of the process conditions change or due to The consumption of the phosphating process itself leads to the sediment produced by the change in bath composition.

Normal sediment is determined by the characteristics of Copper Sulphate itself, the amount of sediment is basically proportional to the treatment area of phosphating. To reduce the normal sediment, only the choice or configuration of low slag phosphating solution, the main component of normal sediment FePo2 precipitation. Abnormal sediment is the formation of Copper Sulphate in the use of the process, the impact of abnormal sediment production factors are more.

Through the above overview, I believe we have to reduce the skills of Copper Sulphate sediment have a more understanding.