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Refined Grade Copper Sulphate Is The Electroplating Of The Star Copper Sulphate
- Sep 26, 2017 -

The so-called high-purity copper plating is the content of more than 99%, less impurities, iron ions, chloride ions, water insoluble low Copper Sulphate. Is the combination of public excellence in the production process and advanced extraction technology, after a number of impurities to remove, to produce high-quality Copper Sulphate, which effectively reduce the emergence of pinholes, sand, black, fog and other failures. To ensure that the stability of the bath and the quality of the product quality. Jinyuan Chemical refined Copper Sulphate is produced like this.

And industrial grade Copper Sulphate he is what kind of a production? His requirements are not high, so the quality is also general, mainly to recover some of the raw materials, and then he extracted, because the price is cheap, so the process will cut corners, reduce the number of refining, raw materials on the rough, impurity increases, the content is low , The market has 96% or 98% of the industrial Copper Sulphate, plating in the product will appear on the surface is not smooth, there pinhole, black, fog and so on.

If the industrial grade Copper Sulphate is an ordinary Copper Sulphate, then the plating grade Copper Sulphate is electroplating in the five-star Copper Sulphate friends. Like the difference between ordinary hotels and star hotels.

Ordinary hotel, dark, quality in general, service in general. The main price is cheap. The star hotel, good service attitude, good quality, generous, comfortable. Like the feeling of home. Then the relative terms, the price is proportional to the quality, but value for money it!

Oh, is not it now know that copper is also the level of such a Ah, then Jinyuan Chemical refined Copper Sulphate is the electroplating of the star Copper Sulphate, with him is the first choice.