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Swimming Pool Copper Sulphate Role And Use
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Swimming pool of Copper Sulphate is a Copper Sulphate suppressant algae, mainly used for swimming pool algae.

Swimming pool Copper Sulphate content of 96%, the shape of blue crystal particles. Mainly through the destruction of algae photosynthesis way to eliminate algae, so that the pool is not algae. So the pool of Copper Sulphate can suppress algae. Swimming pool Copper Sulphate can be used for swimming pools, landscape pools and so on. Can not be used in baby swimming pool, try not to use for children's pool.

The amount of Copper Sulphate used in the pool is 2-3 kilograms per 1,000 cubic meters of Copper Sulphate algaeca, usually found when the moss or water used when the green, can also be used as a preventive algae. About once a week or so. Before use to calculate the weight, Copper Sulphate can not be used too much, because the copper ions are heavy metal ions, excessive human health hazards. And excessive copper ions will be trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfectant oxidation, the formation of black precipitate copper oxide, so that the pool of water black, become turbid. So do not use excessive (if you accidentally over the occurrence of the above problems, you can use the pool sedimentation agent for precipitation and decolorization treatment).

In addition, adding Copper Sulphate to suppress algae for 2-4 hours and then put other water treatment agents. Do not mix with strong chlorine, do not mix together, or cause an explosion.

Swimming pool Copper Sulphate is the most commonly used swimming pool algae, good effect, excellent quality, and affordable, is the best choice for each swimming place.