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The Chemical Properties Of Copper Sulphate Crystals
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Copper Sulphate crystals in each group of copper ions, sulfate ions and crystal water molecules is the number of 1:10, blue, in the heating conditions, the crystal water can be completely lost, Copper Sulphate crystals become white.

Chemical formula CuSO4, white powder, the relative density of 3.603, 25 ℃ water solubility of 23.05g, insoluble in ethanol and ether, soluble in water, aqueous solution was blue, is strong acid weak alkali salt, because the hydrolysis solution was weak acid. Copper Sulphate solution will be concentrated crystallization, can be obtained five Copper Sulphate blue crystal, commonly known as chalcopyrite, copper or alum, the relative density of 2.284. Gallon at room temperature and pressure is very stable, no deliquescence, in the dry air will gradually weathering, heating to 45 ℃ when the loss of two molecules of crystal water, 110 ℃ when the loss of four molecules of crystal water, 150 ℃ when the loss of all the water Anhydrous. Water is also easy to water into a gall. Often use this feature to test whether some of the liquid organic matter contains trace moisture. Will be heated to 650 ℃ high temperature, can be decomposed into black copper oxide, sulfur dioxide and oxygen.

Copper Sulphate is one of the more important copper salts, in electroplating, printing and dyeing, pigments, pesticides and other aspects of a wide range of applications. Inorganic pesticides Bordeaux liquid is a mixture of Copper Sulphate and lime milk, it is a good fungicide, can be used to control the disease of a variety of crops. In 1878 in Bordeaux, France, the vines kill most of the disease, and the trees on both sides of the road, afraid of pedestrians picking, in the trunk coated with lime and Copper Sulphate solution, the trunk made white, pedestrians looked uncomfortable Eat, these trees are not dead, further study that the mixture has a bactericidal ability, which is called Bordeaux liquid. The proportion of Bordeaux broth, copper sulphate and lime (preferably lumpy fresh lime) is generally 1: 1 or 1: 2, and the amount of water used is determined by factors such as different crops, no disease, and seasonal temperature. Preparation of the best use of "two-liquid method", that is, the first Copper Sulphate and lime were mixed with the required half of the water, and then poured into another container at the same time, constantly stirring, then the sky blue glue. Bordeaux liquid to now with the current use, because placed too long, jelly particles will gradually become large and reduce the efficacy of sinking. Copper Sulphate is also commonly used to prepare other copper compounds and electrolytic refined copper when the electrolyte. Copper Sulphate pentahydrate can be copper or copper oxide and sulfuric acid, concentrated crystallization and obtained. In the laboratory can be concentrated sulfuric acid oxidation of copper to produce anhydrous Copper Sulphate.