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Light Green Powder Electroplate Nickel Nitrate

Light green powder Electroplate Nickel nitrate 1.English alias: Nickelousnitrate, Nickelousnitrate, Nickelnitrate Nickel nitrate:Ni (NO3) 2, 6H2O ,Relative molecular weight 290.81 Nickel nitrate:Green single crystal.

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Light green powder Electroplate Nickel nitrate
1.English alias: Nickelousnitrate, Nickelousnitrate, Nickelnitrate
Nickel nitrate:Ni (NO3) 2, 6H2O ,Relative molecular weight 290.81
Nickel nitrate:Green single crystal. Moisture absorption.
Analytical reagent. Nickel salt,Nickel catalyst,Electroplate,Ceramic coloring,Item index value of quality inspection information
QC project:Item index value (analysis)
Sodium (Na):Less than or equal to 0.01%
Magnesium (Mg):Less than or equal to 0.01%
Potassium (K):Less than or equal to 0.005%
Calcium (Ca):Less than or equal to 0.01%
Iron (Fe):Less than or equal to 0.0005%
Copper (Cu):Less than or equal to 0.001%
Zinc (Zn):Less than or equal to 0.005%
Lead (Pb):Less than or equal to 0.001%
Cobalt (Co):Less than or equal to 0.01%,Content [Ni (NO3) 2, 6H2O],More than 98.5%
Water insoluble matter:Less than or equal to 0.005%
Chloride (Cl):Less than or equal to 0.001%
Sulfate (SO4):Less than or equal to 0.005%
Nitric acid, nickel, green, crystal, crystal, density 2.05g/cm3, melting point 56.7, boiling point 136.7 (saturated solution). The solubility of 96.3 (g/100gH2O) soluble in water, ammonia, ethanol, slightly soluble in acetone, acidic aqueous solution, hygroscopicity, moisture in the air soon deliquescence,Slow weathering in dry air.

When heated lose four molecules of water, began to break up and form salt temperature higher than 110 DEG C, a mixture of three to two oxidation heating generating black nickel and nickel oxide of green. Soluble in water, soluble in acidic aqueous solution, ammonia, ammonia, oxidizing agent, and organic matter reduction and combustible sulfur, phosphorus and other mixed cause burning and explosion risk. 57 C when dissolved in the water of crystallization, further heating the crystal water is lost when burning to Ni2O3.

A Chinese nickel nitrate English Nickelnitrate, Nickelousnitrate, Nickelousnitrate for nitrate nickel chemical formula Ni (NO3) 2 - 6H2O molecular weight 290.81CAS accession number 13478-00-7 the melting point of 56.7 DEG C boiling 137 degrees of water soluble 0.4 density 2.05 appearance of monoclinic crystalline green manufacturing and application for nickel nickel catalyst

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Main products

Nickel and cobalt scrap and related products; nickel salt, cobalt salt, chromium; chromium nitrate; chromium chloride acetate; chromium; chromium hydroxide sulfate; chromium sulfate; cobalt nitrate; cobalt chloride; cobalt sulfate; cobalt; nickel carbonate; nickel nitrate; nickel; copper sulfate; copper chloride; copper nitrate; nickel acetate; nickel sulfate; nickel chloride;

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Chemical products processing; other inorganic salts; sulfate

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500,000 RMB

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Xu Youliang

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Whole country

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Chemical plant, processing plant, electroplating factory, etc.

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RMB10,000,000-20,000,000 per year



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Agricultural; electronic; electrical engineering; machinery; ceramics; chemical engineering; printing and dyeing; hardware; textile and leather; others

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Eleven -fifty



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 1. Packed in PP bags of 25kgs /bag (N.W.) 25.2kgs/bag(G.W.)

 2. 40bags/pallet.

 3. 20-25MTS/20FCL

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 UN No.: 2725   /  5.1 / PG :III

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Mr.Xu Youliang (General Manager)


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