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Biodegradable Resin, PHA Bioplastics Nitrate Phosphate Reducing Polymer Media
- Mar 04, 2017 -

Product Details

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Now, Ecomann, the leading PHA manufacturer has bring its innovative Biodegradable PHA Bioplastics Nitrate Phosphate Reducing Polymer Media with lots of benefits to your marine.


1.Biodegradable polymer filter media

2.Patent pending formulation

3.Lowers levels of dissolved organics

4.Reduces nitrates and phosphates

5.EN13432 and ASTM D6400 compliant, completely biobased with no harmful chemical additives

6.Safe, effective and easy to use.

It is a unique and revolutionary product that will change the way marine and reef aquariums are maintained

The PHA biopellet is a biodegradable polymer that serves as both a substrate and a stable and consistent organic carbon food source for bacterial strains that consume organic compounds including Nitrate and Phosphate

In effect, the PHA biopellet reduces nuisance algae clarifies water and supplies Planktonic bacteria as a food source for corals in the reef aquarium. Our biopellets works naturally, with no harmful chemical additives

Application: aquarium, river, pool

Advantages of Ecomann:
1. Modern PHA manufacturing base, annual output 5000MT
2. Competitive price
3. Fast delivery
4. Aluminium foil bag packing, ensure long-term shelf time


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