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The advantages of compound fertilizer
- Oct 28, 2016 -

1. nutrient elements

Total amount of fertilizer is relatively high, many kinds of nutrients, one application of fertilizer, and can supply at least crops two or more nutrients.

2. the uniform structure

For example ammonium does not contain any useless under composition, the anions and cations are for crop uptake of nutrients this fertilizer nutrient distribution is uniform in terms of grains and fertilizer compared to powdered or crystalline unit, structure, nutrient release even effect steady and long, Vice-less components, adverse effects on soil is small.

3. good physical properties

Fertilizer is usually made more granular, Hygroscopicity is small, difficult to agglomerate, is easy for storage and application, special mechanized application.

4. storage and packaging

Due to low Deputy components in compound fertilizer, high contents of effective components in general than fertilizer, they are able to save the cost of packing and storage transport, for example, every transport 1 ton of ammonium Polyphosphate, approximately equal to the storage and transportation of superphosphate and ammonium sulphate of 4 tonnes.