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The introduction of nickel chloride
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Because chloride nickel of chemical type is NiCl2, so its of no water compounds called no water II chloride nickel, the compounds compared rare, in nature rarely see, only in water chloride nickel stone such of ore can found, except no water compounds outside, relative should of it also has water compounds, as for people by known of green of six hydration two chloride nickel (NiCl2 • 6H2O), chloride nickel of water compounds except it is green of zhiwai, if to understand you will surprised of found it of other water compounds are for green of,

Generally speaking, nickel chloride is an important source of nickel for chemical synthesis of the most important, and often as ammonia absorbent for industrial, tissue culture, and also are used to make invisible ink, its solutions can also be used for plating.

Said although nickel salt uses is very important and extensive, but not negligible nickel salts are carcinogenic, based on this point, nickel salt preservation require special attention, for example, we now speak of nickel chloride and its preservation requires: sealed in a cool dry storage.