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A Lesson: Calcium Chloride Industry Burst Of Shame Events
- Mar 18, 2017 -

After joining the WTO, Chinese enterprises are doing everything possible to adapt to international rules, how to avoid vicious competition, to avoid price war is the export trade needs to be resolved. Yes, the market economy is free competitive economy, but also the legal economy. Market monopoly and low-priced market dumping are also the market economy can not tolerate. Anti-dumping not only need to be used in international trade, but also need to be used in domestic trade. Experts suggest that, in view of the domestic enterprises in the production process is mainly consumed by domestic resources, so to sell the interests of the domestic industry and even the national interests of low-cost exports, the relevant departments should be concerned about and involved in the investigation. When necessary, should be developed between domestic enterprises anti-dumping law. This is both to maintain the market order, but also to safeguard national interests.
    Example of a domestic calcium chloride industry out of a shameful thing. In May and June 2007, the Korean government to the Chinese enterprises to tender 45,000 tons of snow melting agent calcium chloride procurement projects, tender tender price of 150 US dollars a ton. Six of China's largest calcium chloride production enterprises in consultation with the China Calcium Chloride Industry Association, the price is 125 US dollars a ton, but finally a Chinese company privately to 100 US dollars a ton of CIF price and South Korea signed Contract, a direct result of the loss of tens of millions of yuan. It is understood that because South Korea can produce snow melt around the product and the price of the country is only suitable for China, so the Korean businessmen can only buy products from Chinese manufacturers. In order to avoid vicious competition, some domestic production enterprises formed a calcium chloride industry association to coordinate their prices, this also held more than 10 meetings, specifically on the South Korean side of the tender were discussed, reached a $ 125 one ton agreement. But the result, all this was the Chinese enterprises unexpectedly low price ruined.
    What does the price of $ 100 a ton mean? China's calcium chloride industry association president Li Muchen said that this is an incredible low price. According to the actual production of calcium chloride enterprises in China, calcium chloride domestic price per ton should be about 130 US dollars, equivalent to about 1,000 yuan, plus raw material prices, coal energy prices, coupled with the RMB exchange rate adjustment Of the factors, the price of $ 100 that nice point is the cost price, in fact, is likely to be a loss price. This price is not only a serious departure from the current domestic and international market prices, completely break the psychological bottom of the Chinese manufacturers, but also completely destroyed the original price system. If the price in accordance with this, to remove the cost of circulation and other aspects of the Chinese manufacturers actually get the price of less than 76 US dollars a ton, equivalent to more than 600 yuan yuan, which means that Chinese enterprises per ton loss of 300 yuan, the overall count on the loss Ten million yuan


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